Employment Opportunities


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Teddy’s Transport requires CDL Class A & B drivers to have 2 years experience.

  • 90% of our drivers are home every night.
  • Over-the-road positions are available, but even our over-the-road drivers are home almost every weekend.

From Our Employees

I’ve enjoyed working at Teddy’s Transport because I’ve always been treated fairly. I’ve always been given the tools needed to do the job, and I’ve always been given the respect due a professional driver.

– Larry Meyer, Employee

I have been with Teddy’s Transport now for 8 years. I like working for them first of all, because this is my first full time truck driving position. I had a CDL for many years but had only used it to occasionally haul steel & equipment.
Secondly, Teddy’s is a family. I have seen them go above & beyond what employers would normally do for employees. They are a business & they are professional but with a sense of “co-operation”.
Thirdly, they try to keep each driver consistently in the same truck. It isn’t always possible, but they are very good about trying. I believe that the wages are competitive.
If you are willing to co-operate for the betterment of the company as well as yourself, I would recommend Teddy’s Transport.

– Rod Tidd, Employee

A few Teddy’s Transport drivers look over gifts at a recent Truck Driver’s Appreciation Week meal and meeting.

Every year during appreciation week, the team at Teddy’s Transport works to acknowledge the hard work of our drivers in a variety of ways – because not everyone understands the important work you do.

Truck drivers provide a desperately needed service to communities, hauling and delivering any number of things that keep our economy pumping. Teddy’s Transport supports and appreciates its drivers!